Google Chart Helper 0.1

Jobba the Site is coming along great and is getting closer and closer to being done.

As I am sure you know, Google recently released a chart api, but it is a bit of a pain to generate all of the numbers and put them in the image uri so that Google can generate the charts for you. That is why I created the google_chart_helper for Code Igniter. So far it is pretty beta, and only does one chart type, the pie chart, but I figured I would put it up here to see if anyone has a better way of doing it (or some cool tips that I don’t know about).

Here is how it works:

$chart = new google_chart();
$chart_data = array(2,3,4);
$chart_labels = array(two, three, four);
$width = 500;
$threedee = false;
$colourful = true;
$chart->pie_chart($chart_data, $chart_labels,
$width, $threedee, $colourful);

and the result will be something like:

This was generated a while ago, and I saved it, but generally, Google will create a new chart for you every time you ask for one.

Here is the php file:


Have fun!

Here is the file as a txt so you can look at it (or what ever)

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