Why implement PHP in Java?

First of all, why not? Everything else can run on the jvm (yes… even c#), so why not php? Well… I certainly don’t see why not… Java is a fairly robust language with a pile of different libraries and (as you saw if you clicked on any of those links) languages that can run on it. It is ideal!

Don’t like php’s random function? Why not use Java’s? Not your cup of tea? Use ruby’s instead, or python’s, orĀ  write one in COBOL if you are really brave.

It also means that you can implement the functionality in Java, the database transactions in Ruby, then write all of the presentation in PHP, no clearer MVC separation than that eh? Admitedly it might get a bit confusing and I may be over exaggerating about the possibility of these implementation’s cross communication abilities… but it would be great if you could (I might test it later…).


Go check it out!

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A use for IE 7

So, I have finally found a use for Internet Explorer. I figured out that the default full screen view gets rid of almost all of the border that makes up the window that you are browsing in. So, I figured that it would be a good idea to try and watch FLV videos (you know, the illegal indexed ones… shhh…) in it. It worked really well as there is only the small bar at the bottom left over, no white border to distract you from the show that you are watching.

Not much else going on right now, 24 is awesome, there is some homework to be done (I should get on that) and midnight madness tonight, as well as COBOL class, which is more interesting than I thought it would be.

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