Changing the startup programs in Ubuntu

To do this, all you have to do is go to


You will get a window like this:


Then all you have to do is click Add, Edit or Remove to make the changes you want to make.

I am sure this is similar in most forms of the Gnome desktop in Linux.

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Disabling Autoplay in Gnome

Well, recently I bought a dvd drive for my computer which runs Ubuntu (and Windows XP).  It is kind of annoying that every time that I inserted a dvd or a cd it automagically ran the movie in Totem,which is not a program that I really like, I prefer SMplayer. Anyway, you can stop the drives from autoplaying by going to:

System -> Preferences -> Removable Drives and Media in the Multimedia tab you can either deselect every option, or you can set them to auto-run with a different player if you prefer.

Additionally, if you have an external drive it will automagically mount and then you get to browse it right away without asking for it to happen. I found this feature to be extremely annoying in Windows, and I still found it annoying here, anyway, you can disable that too. Under the Storage tab and you can uncheck Browse removable media when inserted.

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Setting the Ubuntu Default Resolution with Nvidia

This is mostly just a quick guide for me so that next time I do it, I don’t spend hours setting it up.

First things first, get your bookmarks:


Then get automatix2 and get your graphics card drivers:


That was their website

This is what you see after you install it:

(The driver is not listed because I already installed it)

This is restart time (so that the driver kicks in).

Should be able to get to here now:


Go through the menus and find where you set your resolution (you can play with the other stuff too if you want)

When you are done go to System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution

Then open a terminal and enter sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the lines where you see:

Modes “1024×768″ “800×600″ “640×480″


Modes “1680×1050″ “1024×768″ “800×600″

(where the first one is the resolution that you have in the default settings listing in your Screen Resolution Preferences window:)

Screen Resolution

Restart to make sure it worked: and voila, like magic you have just set your resolution to the one that you want! I am sure that this will help anyone out there who is new to Ubuntu (or any Debian based linux system)

The final step


If you have the latest version of Ubuntu, you should not need to do this. All you have to do is search for the Restricted Drivers Manager in Add/Remove Applications as seen in this screen shot:

Add Remove Restricted Drivers

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Safari Strangeness

I just uninstalled Safari as I had an error from the Apple update manager on my XP machine. It was strange though, because it asked me to make sure that Firefox was closed before proceeding to remove Safari. Is Safari trying to take over my web browsers one at a time? I should have tried to uninstall Safari with all my web browsers open to see what happens… Maybe I will do that tomorrow. It is a little late for messing around with stuff like that tonight.

I also decided to remove Quicktime and iTunes, well mostly because I have no need for them at this time.

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Office and the Web 2.0


Don’t you just love the web 2.0? I don’t even need to touch MS Office anymore, not that I have used it for a long long time (I use Portable Open Office). There are software suites out there now that are all web based. Granted it doesn’t have everything that one needs in an office suite (equation editing being an important thing) but that can be mimicked using pictures. I really recommend using Zoho Virtual Office as an alternative to other office programs. It will become even more useful as Vista looms just on the horizon making all your stuff soon to be obsolete (so run off and download linux!) Not any more you can’t, freespire has been abandoned.

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