Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19

  • @gavinblair No… I mean that futureshop does not use a normal thing for input… I think it routes it through some funny javascript #
  • Dear people downstairs… turn down the karaoke, you are not good singers…. #
  • @jcroft You can however fence Timex #
  • Dr. Who = awesome since 1963 #
  • They make more than one flavour of candy corn… :| #
  • Chipolte Mango seasoning is not bad… #
  • Apparently wordpress has to change its look even point release… grrr… #
  • Of course, if she was a real lady, I wouldn’t be in her boudoire #
  • Haha Hetfield looks so out of place with May’s stylin vest #

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For best viewing, use chrome

As you should know, Chrome was released last night at 12 am GMT. It was announced 2 days ago much to the surprise of most (though there were rumours, there was no actual proof of its existence). Many people have now taken the plunge, downloaded it, and tried it out.

My experiences have been almost completely without problem. There was a small problem on where I could not use the spacebar in flash, but that could have been flash acting up instead of Chrome. I just tried it out again, I think it is Chrome, good thing there is a bug report link built in so I don’t forget to report it this time. ;)

Oh ya, and for websites that use a lot of javascript, there currently is nothing faster (could be because you [I] have extensions for firefox running, which need to be processed as the pages load). Oh… and the WordPress backend is wicked fast now (thanks to Chromes speed and the new “Turbo” feature that uses google gears incorporated into WordPress’ backend).

Sorry Gavin and co, it is only available for Windows for now :P

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