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Dear “Future” Shop,

We took a laptop cord in for repair (it was chirping and not powering the computer). The guy behind the counter was completely incompetant and had us fill out the form 3 times because he kept messing things up. Handed over the cord and we were told it would be back as soon as possible. Two days later we were told that they actually needed the whole computer because it was still under manufacturer’s warranty. That is dumb… but if that is what is required to get the cord fixed. We took in the computer and a couple weeks later got a call from a mysterious number (which we missed…). Conveniently they left no messages.

- No contact for another week, the manufacturers warranty has expired now -

We decided to go and get the laptop back today. We were quite annoyed to findout that the laptop had been completely wiped and restored to factory default with all of the crapware. Also did not get the whole cord back. Upon looking at the contract… it turns out that there is a back page to it which is unsigned as it was never mentioned in the original discussion about the repair, nor in the follow up when the laptop was handed in.

I would just like to say thanks for deleteing all of that stuff, it was really taking up a lot of space. I also thank you for allowing me to try out the Student version of Office 2007 again for 30 days. I am sure that the second time around will convince me to buy it instead of Office 2010 which I have already purchased. I would also like to commend you on the theft of the laptop cord. The guy behind the counter swore that we had not given it to you when we turned in the computer. Flawless.

Also worth noting… In the report that they have on file it says that there was nothing wrong with the powercord.

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