Komodo Edit on Ubuntu (Linux)

I use Komodo Edit all the time on Windows (XP and Vista) but up till now I have not used it in any Linux environment. I decided it was time to take the plunge and try things out. First I had to download the tar file from the activestate website (here), that was easy, the one thing that I was wary about was this:

AS package (libcpp6)

I had never heard of that, but as it turns out it is an [A]ctive [S]tate package. So, not a problem. When I got it there was an install .html. It had all of the instructions for all of the operating systems. As it turns out that was a bit overkill considering this was the Linux version not a Windows one or a mac one…

The only thing that I needed from the help file was the information that you had to install these packages (I use apt-get to do it, you might use something else):

scim scim-gtk2-immodule scim-qtimm scim-tables-additional

You might also need to install these ones if they are not already in your Linux of choice:

glibc libjpeg libstdc++

You will also need to have perl installed.

Finally once those packages are all installed you can run the install file


And then once that is done (you get to chose the path that it installs to (I left it as default because I am the only user of this machine), add komodo to your path by entering:

export PATH="/home/[username]/Komodo-Edit-4/bin:$PATH"

in the terminal (well, that is the quick way, you would probably have to type that in every time you wanted to use it… a better way is to add that line to the end of your ~/.bashrc file).

You could also create a symbolic link to it:

ln -s "/home/username/Komodo-Edit-4/bin/komodo" /usr/local/bin/komodo

Finally, you can just type in komodo to run it, or create a link in your menu (or on the desktop) to run it.

Once I get some money, I will probably be buying the full version (Komodo IDE) which has more features in it. Until then, I am more than happy with Komodo Edit 4.

If you have any problems installing it, please refer to the install file that they include as I have skipped some of the stuff that did not have any relevance to me.

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