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  1. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    How well does XP handle being installed on one of those though? Probably not too well…

  2. DameryWorld
    DameryWorld at | | Reply

    I use Western Digital portables…no power supply needed. Just plug into USB and use!
    Many of them come loaded with Google goodies, since you know I love Google.

  3. gavin
    gavin at | | Reply

    Ya, fried drives get worse as time goes on. Back up your stuff while you still can!

  4. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    Now I just need to buy a big external drive for this… and then probably get a new computer…

  5. zoe
    zoe at | | Reply

    Maybe you should pull all the important things off that hard drive while it’s working. It will be much easier now than when it ‘finishes’ frying. It’s not a very nice feeling to realize what you had was a second chance to do a backup, and you didn’t.

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