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  1. Prabhchahal21
    Prabhchahal21 at | | Reply

    it  is a really very good

  2. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Yes the $ stops working due to JQuery name space conflicts.

  3. Onykage
    Onykage at | | Reply

    just a note,

    is no longer required in WP versions 2.7 and greater.

    Pimp post tho. I had recalled reading this and couldn’t remember how to call for jQuery, your post was 3rd on Google. It needs a bump!

  4. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    Wow, I really have to add some styling for the ins tag… that is (was) ugly!

  5. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    Strange that syntax highliter works for you and not me… probably something wrong with the way that I was adding in the javascript. Oh well, I am happy with what I am using now, it means that there is less javascript to go wrong.

  6. smily
    smily at | | Reply

    Hey I didn’t know bout the jQuery thing either, I was actually including the library again inside my theme files, this should save me some effort thanks.

    p.s. syntax highlighter’s working for me, I’m on WP2.5.1

  7. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    Oooh sneaky

  8. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    That just makes it an even better easter egg… 😉

  9. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    That’s crazy. I would have given up once $() didn’t work lol.

    btw, the pi thing only works on the main page of your site for some reason.

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