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  1. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    The first few episodes of 4400 is pretty cheesy. They stop doing the freak-of-the-week formula pretty quickly, and it starts to get good.

  2. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    Ya, it does go a bit quicker… but the freak of the week thing gets old quick… and its so cheesy… aliens? people getting old instantly… and most of the effects… sheesh… they look so fake compared to some of the awesome effects in Heroes (especially those involving Hiro). Horray for new visitors! (especially ones that agree with me 😀 )

  3. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    I still prefer 4400. The story moves faster than Heroes, which to me seems to drag on and on very slowly. Maybe Heroes gets better after the first season? I stopped watching it after one or two episodes into the second season.

  4. xzela
    xzela at | | Reply

    I agree,
    The 4400 is a far cry from the awesomeness that is Heroes. In fact, i stopped watching the 4400 after the third episode…

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