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  1. SeanJA
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    Besides, Firefox 3.1 has already proven to be faster than Chrome at Javascript rendering. In the end, it will all be what you prefer, I like Chrome’s simplicity more than anything else at the moment, and it is using Webkit, which could mean that I do not need to use Safari for Windows, which is complete and utter crap, for testing (sort of) , happy days!

  2. SeanJA
    SeanJA at | | Reply

    Funny thing, google is still paying Moz developers 12 million dollars per year until 2011… Firefox is not loosing people who use it for development, they are just loosing the people who use it for day to day browsing, I will use chrome for that too, but for development nothing currently beats Firefox.

  3. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    I think it is HILARIOUS what this is doing to the Firefox community. They used to say “Those IE bigots – don’t want anyone else using any other browser!” And now they are freaking out because they are losing people to Chrome.

    I can’t wait until Chrome comes to Mac. My favourite feature is that when a tab crashes, the rest of the browser is unaffected. Firefox crashes my whole computer!

    I already know I’m totally switching when Chrome becomes available to Mac. I’ll miss Greasemonkey, but not that much. I’ll still use FF for development though, because Firebug rocks!

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