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  1. Philippe
    Philippe at | | Reply

    I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that…bookmark ftw =)

  2. gav
    gav at | | Reply

    Smarty is way more confusing than PHP. To keep code away from designers, let your designers only use Photoshop or Fireworks or even Gimp, and leave the coding to the coders. That’s how you get amazing website designs – someone subjected to any kind of code, templating or otherwise, might be tempted to go with what would be ‘easier’ for the coder, rather than what would look good.

    That said, don’t you hate it when you’re handed a comp that is full of dropshadows, rounded corners and unheard-of fonts?

  3. ellisgl
    ellisgl at | | Reply

    I’ve seen one decent implementation of smarty. That’s with X-Cart and their webmaster mode. Of course still coding for smarty still is a pain in the ass.

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