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  1. Maltaannon
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    Ok. I’ve solved it after all. 🙂 Was tricky since it had to be integrated with few other things as well. Gotta love jQuery 😉

    Keep up the good work with your site. Will come back for more tips. Cheers

  2. Maltaannon
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    Hey. This is exactly what I was looking for. Pretty new to jQuery, although some programming background. Maybe you can help me. I’ve been looking for something on the net with no results. I’m trying to integrate some ad system to my JW Player (player for flash movies) that is included in the Shadowbox.

    I need to wrap “sb-body-inner” with some provided div. Tried wrapInner – gave me “is not a function” error (thats why i thought it would be best to replace wp’s jquery with the latest one).

    Then I replaced $ with jQuery. I get no error, but no results either.

    Plus – I need to add params to the to the JW Player. Shadowbox docs says that it can handle that, but it seems it doesn’t work. A lot of complains on the forums about it.

    Above that theres a huge problem – shadowbox creates new DOM elements, so I can’t just add them when the page loads. I need to add them after they are created – in other words I need to add some kind of event handler, or call another function after clicking on the link that produces the shadowbox.

    Phew… so… can I count on you? 😉

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