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  1. Morten R-H (@mor10)
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    Just to clarify, my username is not “mor10-2”. It’s easy enough to mask.

  2. Jon Jennings
    Jon Jennings at | | Reply

    As further proof that xkcd is awesome, check out – that strip made real

    For sure, there’ll come a time when everybody’s stopped using admin as a username and the hackers have wised up to this and written smarter scripts. But for now, keeping an admin account is just asking for trouble. If you delete your admin account you’re instantly avoiding 93% of login attacks (100% if you also avoid administrator, manager, test, support etc). It seems foolish to not invest a tiny amount of energy to make your site that much more secure. Username/password is a two-stage protection… I’d rather the hackers hadn’t already breached my first stage, however secure I think the second stage is.

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