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  1. Jon Jennings
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    Very interesting. In the 1000+ IP addresses that have hit me, I haven’t seen any of those ones. I guess it’s true – there’s a LOT of machines out there in this botnet.

    Makes me wonder how effective IP blocking is – although the more prolific IP addresses in my list are hitting me once every 20 mins or so, presumably to avoid triggering IP blocks… I don’t know if that’s learned behaviour (ie they would have hit me continuously, but have discovered they get blocked), or programmed into the script. Maybe if I didn’t have a lockdown plugin then they’d just throw a dictionary straight at me 🙂 [I saw that on the root account on my VPS once… 6600 attempts in 48 hours from about 3 addresses LOL]

    I’m fascinated to see that IP address that’s hit you on real user accounts. Maybe someone’s taken your comments to heart and written a better script! certainly loves you. My BFF is

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